Redeem Rules

1.500 points redeem to $1
You can redeem cash through your PAYPAL account. Please make sure that your valid PayPal account information is correctly registered in Datarolls.
2.You can recommend your friends and relatives to join DataRolls and they will be automatically recorded as your Referrals. 10% of what your referrals earn will be rewarded to your account after they complete an offer.
Total points: the total accumulated points awarded to you.
Offer points: points got from offers
Other points: points got from other activities
Points from Referrals: 10% of what your referrals earn will be rewarded to your account after they complete an offer.
Current points: Current points= Current exchangeable points + Temporary points + Points in application
Temporary Points: In most cases the system will award points when you complete an offer Yet in some cases Datarolls might need more time to check the details of the offer you completed and the points will be put in the Temporary Points account. After the offer geting closed and result being confirmed, those points from qualified survey will be moved to Exchangeable Points from Temporary Points.
Points in application: Pending redeemed for cash, which has not been paid.
Exchangeable Points: The current Redeemable points in your account.
Total use: All used points in Datarolls.
Redeemed points: points redeemed into cash.
Other Use: points used in some paid features.
Frozen Points: Those points that are under Audit for Redemption or being frozen by system for checking on possible frauds.


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