We look forward to having you in our network if you want to monetize your traffic.
You can monetize your traffic through our online offers with CPA module. The more traffic you lead to our offers, the more you earn.
  • If you have your own website or traffic, we can provide offer wall for you to monetize your traffic.
  • Lead generation, and monetize your traffic.
  • If you are offline investigator, or have an offline team, you can also benefit by participanting in appropriate projects through your customized links.
Social Media Master
  • Social Media Master have a lot of fans. If you are one of them, you can transform your popularity into cashes.
  • After joining us, you will have an exclusive promotional link.
  • You can publish this link on your social media site, invite the online traffic to complete questionnaires to generate earnings.
Mobile APP / Online game provider
  • Mobile APP/ Online Game Provider designs and owns the intellectual property of his/her digital products.
  • If you belong to this category, you may join our affiliated programs through API Interface or Task Wall. You can make full use of the online traffic you enjoy and make it gold.
Participation Conditions:
1. Those who have traffic or channels that can be used in our offers.
2. The applicant must ensure the validity and legitimacy of the information provided.
3. The applicant must ensure the data quality. No fraud or illegal activity is allowed.
Participation Process:
One applicant may fill in an online application form, or send an relevant information to

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